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Infant Incubator

          POETS Infant incubator curriculum in the news:


2016-2017 CURRICULUM


David Dobervich, Fremont High School, Sunnyvale, CA

Counting Steps with Smartphone Sensors

Dobervich Research Poster

Kenneth Pringle, Abraham Lincoln High School, San Jose, CA

Designing Modifications to Enhance the Rate of Cooling

Pringle Research Poster


David Bergandine, University Laboratory High School, Urbana, IL

Sharlene Denos, University Laboratory High School, Urbana, IL

Jay Hopper, Centennial, Champaign, IL

Bryant Fritz, Next Generation School Middle School, Champaign, IL

Joint curriculum coming soon.


Shawn Bell, Randall G Lynch Middle School, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Mike Jackson, Farmington Career Academies, Farmington, IL

Kathy Prophet, Hellstern Middle School, Springdale, Arkansas

Arkansas Teachers created the following joint curriculum: Middle School Thermal Energy Flow

NGSS Lesson Plan 1

NGSS Lesson Plan 2

NGSS MS 6-8 POETS unit summary

RET curriculum in the news